What are the components of the Fisikal Access Control features.

Fisikal can allow you to manage access to your physical club environment, granting access to clients with active packages or upcoming bookings, and denying access to non-members.



You must have an access control hardware system that uses an Access Controller that is supported by Fisikal installed in your location.

This includes:

  • At least one Access Controller. A location with access control must have at least one access controller, but it is possible for larger locations to have more than one.
    Current supported controllers:
    • Nortech CRC400
    • Nortech DeltaQuest
  • A computer connected to the controller to run the FKL-Doors application on
    • RaspberryPi - a good cheap option, small enough to be mounted inside the controller
    • Windows PC - a good value option, particularly if there is already such a machine on the premises
  • Readers compatible with the controller.
    This is where clients present their access credentials.
    You will need to know the details of each one, usually just the name or id of it.
  • Locks / Turnstiles / Gates that prevent access until they receive an Open message from the controller.
  • Devices for emergency door opening
  • Wiring that connects all the elements
  • A computer to view the FKL Access app on. This machine needs to be connected to the internet, but does not need to be wired in to the access control hardware.

Steps to configure Access Control

The following config items must be prepared in Fisikal before Access Control will operate:

  1. Access Controllers in each Location
  2. Doors

And optionally if access will be granted depending on the packages a client has purchased then:

  1. Time groups (optional)
  2. Access Control Schemes
  3. Packages

How to operate Access Control