An Access Control Scheme combines together a list of locations and optionally time groups to define a list of places and times that a client will be granted access to.

  1. Click Settings > Access Control to view the list of schemes
  2. Either edit an existing scheme using the button or add a new access control scheme by pressing the button.
  3. Enter the details of the scheme:

    1. Enter a useful Name for the scheme that will allow users to choose the right scheme from a list.
    2. Use the Status option to control whether the scheme appears in the list of schemes when editing packages.
      Note, making a scheme inactive does not affect the access of the clients who are already using it.
    3. If the scheme limits the times of the day that the client can access then select the time group from the Restrict access to this time option.
    4. If the scheme grants access to all locations then leave the All locations option to Yes.
      If the scheme grants access to only selected locations then choose No and add the locations included one-by-one to the list.
      By default adding a location will also allow access to all the sub-locations. If only certain sub-locations are included in the scheme then select the Specific option and add the sub-locations that are included.
  4. Click Create or Update to save the details of the access control scheme.