What are Tags in Fisikal and how can I use them?

Tags are a method of categorizing things in Fisikal that can then be used to filter and find the items later. In some cases tags are also used as a navigation element when viewing them in a list.

Once an item has been tagged then it can be easily searched for using the tag.

Add a tag in the Tags list:

Then search for the tag to find all the items tagged.

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Tag Categories

The quantity of tags can become overwhelming, so we recommend that you group them together for a purpose in Tag Categories.

For example:

Perhaps you would like to group the classes in your club by skill level:

  • Novice
  • Beginner
  • Intermediate
  • Master

To do this you would:

  1. Create a Tag Category called 'Skill level', and specify that this category applies to Services or Occurrences.
  2. Create the tags and put them in the Skill Level category
  3. Now edit each service and apply the tag as required. A service could even have more than one of the tags applied.


Click here for more information on creating Tag Categories and Tags.

There is a report available to help manage tags, click here for information on the Tags Report