How to manage the Location records that determine where bookings can be booked.


Setting up the Locations is an essential area of configuration in Fisikal; all subsequent configuration requires a location. A location can be a simple as the name of the location, no other settings are mandatory.

This article describes how to create a location and the other settings available.


What is a location?

A location in Fisikal is the physical place where training takes place.

There must be at least one Location in a Club. The Club in Fisikal represents the 'organisation' and the location represents the physical place.

Often in conversation the terms location and club get used interchangeably.

It is possible to have multiple Locations in one Club. 

Fisikal can be used in a number of configurations, particularly if there is more than one physical location. See the Multi-club configuration topic for details.

It is possible to define Sub Locations within a Location where bookings will take place. For example the Location Chelsea may have the following Sub Locations:

  • Spinning studio
  • Mind & Body studio
  • Functional Training zone
  • Swimming pool

Clients have a Home Location which is the cost center they are allocated to. Clients can always see the classes and trainers available in their home location.

Clients can choose a Default Location from the list of locations they can see, which is the location they are most likely to book in. The default location is the location that is selected by default when they view the schedule. If no default location is selected then they see the home location.

Memberships (aka Tiers) can be used to determine which other locations clients can see and make bookings in.

Correctly configuring Locations and Sub Locations with Services helps minimise scheduling errors.

What is the process for adding a list of new locations?

If you are adding a single location then you can just jump in, all you need to get started is one Location name. If you need to make further edits you can always come back.

If you are about to create a list of locations then getting prepared will save you having to come back and make repeated edits: 

  • Prepare the list of Location Names, check for duplicates, spelling and suitability for customers to understand.
  • If you need Regions, then create them first: Click here to see how to manage the list of Regions.
  • If you need to Tag Locations, then create the Tag Categories and or Tags first: 
  • When a new club is being added it must be active in order for staff to see it and add config such as timetables or allocate trainers to services, but during this period it may not be desired to be visible to clients. In this case make the location Active and use Memberships (aka Tiers) to hide the new location from view until it is really available. 


  1. Log into Fisikal with a Manager user
  2. Click Services > Locations > ➕ to add a new location.
    Or click the ✏️ to edit an existing location.
  3. Enter the details of the location, on the General tab:

    Field Note

    This is the name of the location that appears throughout the system. This is what clients see and what will appear on reports.

    Use the name that is most relevant to customers.

    If the location has a nickname then use the Short Code or Alt ID fields for that.

    Note: The Location name is used by the Access Control system too, and it may be configured into the config files for the controller in the location. If this is the case then changing the location name will cause the access control system to stop working until the name change is also repeated there.


    Active clubs are visible throughout the system, inactive clubs are hidden in almost every view, but remain present so that their data can be accessed.


    Locations can be grouped together in a region for reporting purposes.

    Click here to see how to manage the list of Regions.

    Max clients

    Set the maximum quantity of Clients in the location.

    This value is checked each time a client attempts to join or be added to a booking. If the limit is reached then the booking will be denied.

    If the value is 0 then there is no limit.

    Max trainers

    Set the maximum quantity of Trainers in the location.

    This value is checked each time a booking is added to the schedule (either an empty group booking or an individual session). If the maximum is reached then the booking will be denied.

    One trainer is counted for each booking, Assistant trainers do not count towards the total.

    If the value is 0 then there is no limit.


    Enable the communication option to allow a support email to be specified for this location.

    This email address overrides the feedback email address set on the club.

    This setting is deprecated.

    Geolocation (latitude)

    Enter the co-ordinates of the location. This information is used by connected websites to display the location on a map or offer 'where is my nearest location' features.

    Example latitude: 51.501476

    Example longitude: -0.140634

    If the Directory is enabled for this location and the geolocation details are entered, then an icon 📍 appears in the app to allow the location to be shown on a map.

    Geolocation (longitude)

    Enable the branding option to choose from the available branding styles.

    The branding is visible in the Fisikal Client Portal.

    This setting is deprecated.

    Allow booking in sublocations only

    Enable this setting to force bookings to have a sub location specified.

    See the Sub location tab below.

    Location Alt ID

    Enter the ID of the club from an external system.

    This is often the ID of the location from a connected membership management system or other third-party system.

    This value is a text value that can contain letters or numbers.

    Location short code

    Enter an abbreviation for the club that can be used in contexts where there is not much screen space available.

    For example in some apps, when the location is selected then the abbreviation is shown to indicate the selection.

    For example: Chelsea is abbreviated to CHL.

    If no short code is specified then the app will try to determine a two-letter code. For example: CH.


    Select the Membership (or if multiple memberships are allowed, the Memberships) that will be given to any new client that has this location as their home location.


    Location number The Location Number is another alternative for identifying a location. It can be used for a number, but text characters can be entered too.
    Receipt note

    Enter a location specific note that will appear on Receipts for transactions in this location.

    This note is used to enter information that is very location specific, for example charity status, tax exemptions, notes on jurisdiction etc.


    Tag a location to make is easier to find.

    Tags can only be applied to locations if they are:

    • In a tag category that can be applied to locations
    • Not in any category

    Locations can be searched using tags in pick lists throughout Fisikal.

    Time zone

    By default all locations are in the same time zone as the Club. But it is possible to specify that each location is in a different time zone for organisations that span zones.

    If any location is in a time zone that is not the same as the club, then subsequently all places where the location can be selected will now display the time zone.

    Times of events are always shown at the time of the event in the location where it will take place.

  4. Click the Sublocations tab

    Create sub locations in a location to allow bookings to be added in specific areas of the club.

    Access Control can be specified to the level of a sub location, so it is possible for example to allow a client into the location, but not the swimming pool area unless they have a swimming pool package.

    Field Note
    Name Enter the name of the sub location. This is visible to all users.
    Max clients

    Each sub location can have its own maximum capacity in the same way as the Location.

    The Location maximum capacity is checked first and if that is reached the booking will be denied even if the sub location capacity is not reached.

    If the value is 0 then there is no limit.

    Max trainers

    Bookings can only be made if the sub location is active.

    Inactive sub locations are not available for selection, but remain in the system so that they appear in reports.

    Sub locations can be deleted. In this case if there are any historic bookings in the sublocation they will appear as having taken place in the location only.

  5. On the Directory tab

    If the Directory is enabled for your location then the Directory pages in the Fisikal Member App are displayed and the details are presented.

    FKL Member App - Directory

    Field Note
    Directory is enabled

    Enable the directory to allow users of the Fisikal Member App to see the details of this location. When enabled all the below fields become visible.

    If any one location has the directory enabled then the directory option is visible in the app. If no locations have the directory enabled then the option is hidden in the app.

    Description Enter a text description of the location, for example listing the features of the location.
    Address Enter the address that will be shown in the directory.
    Postcode The post code will be appended to the end of the address.
    Telephone Enter the phone number to be displayed in the directory.
    Opening Hours

    Use the ➕Hours button to add a row of opening hours information.

    Enter a title, starting time and closing time for each row.

    This information is only used in the directory and does not affect the schedule configuration.

    Directory image

    Upload an image that is used in the list of locations in the directory.

    This image is mandatory.

    The image should be square; it will be scaled so that the shortest edge fills the space and the longest part will be cropped.

    Use an image suitable for the web (ie jpg or png format scaled for web display rather than print quality). 

    Cover images

    Upload up to 5 images that will be displayed in a carousel when the user is viewing the location in detail.

    Click Add bulk images.

    Choose a file for each image required.

    Click the ➖for the unneeded images

    The images for the cover are typically landscape orientation (wider than they are high) and will be scaled and cropped to fit.

    Use images suitable for the web (ie jpg or png format scaled for web display rather than print quality).

    Link to schedule

    If the link to the schedule is enabled then the call to action button on the Directory page will display the live club timetable.

    Choose the Service Category of the timetable to display, eg Group Exercise.

    If the link to schedule is Disabled then the Link to PDF option is displayed.

    Link to PDF

    If the Link to Schedule is Disabled then the Link to PDF option is visible.

    If the Link to PDF is enabled then it is possible to upload a PDF document that will be shown when the user clicks the View Timetable button.

    If the Link to PDF option is Disabled, then there is no View Timetable button on the Directory page for the location.

    Fisikal - Location - Directory Tab

  6. On the Access Controllers tab

    Access controllers are required if the Access Control module is enabled in your club. An Access Controller represents an item of hardware installed in the location that is responsible for communicating with the doors, scanners and locks. The controller must be capable of being operated by the FKL-Doors software.

    Typically there is only one controller in a location, but it is possible in locations with many entrances to have more than one.

    See the topic on How to Add an Access Controller for more details.
    See the topic on Access Control for an overview of the feature.

  7. On the Integrations tab

    The fields visible on the Integrations tab depend on the options set in Settings > Integrations. If the option you are looking for is not visible, check the integration settings.

    Note: If the integration settings were recently amended then you may need to refresh the page to see the new options (Ctrl+F5 or Cmd+R).

    Refer to the articles regarding the Integrations available for details on the fields visible:
    Fisikal Integrations

  8. Click Create / Update
    The location is created or updated.