Doors in Fisikal represent a physical barrier such as a door, turnstile or gate in a location and are used to record where a client has attended.

Recording door access data allows Fisikal to automatically mark clients as Attended for their bookings, so long as the door access was in the location of their booking and at a time close to the start of the booking.

Create a Door to either:

  1. Receive door access information from a third-party integration
  2. Record access using the Fisikal Access Control features

Click here for more information on the Fisikal Access Control features.

Click here for specific instructions on creating a Door for the Fisikal Access Control feature.

How to create a Door for use with an Integration

  1. Log in as a Manager user
  2. Click Settings > Doors
  3. Either edit an existing door using the button or add a new door record by pressing the button.
  4. Enter the details of the door
    1. Enter a useful Title for the door that is uniquely identifiable
    2. Enter a unique Nomical door ID, this ID must be unique in the Club.
      Use this ID to link a Fisikal Door to a door record in the integrated system.
    3. Select the Location of the Door:
      1. A Club door is for recording that a client came to the club or organsiation, but the specific location of the access is not known. This can be useful if the door access information is available but perhaps the specific location data is not. Or in some systems there are many doors in the third-party system and the club door can be used to collect a door access log without having to set up all the actual individual doors.
      2. Select the specific location option and choose the location of the door from the list.
        Optionally a door can be linked to a specific sub-location too for very specific access data.
    4. For doors used with an Integration leave the Access Control option Disabled.
    5. Ensure the Door is Active.


What happens when Door Access Data is received?

When data is received through the integration then it will include this information:

  • An identifier for the Client (typically the client's Alt ID) 
  • An identifier for the Door (the Nomical ID for the door)
  • The timestamp of the door access

If the data can be matched to a client and door then the door access is recorded in Fisikal and appears in the client's Door Access tab:

If the door access comes from an integration then the Result will always be No Status, because Fisikal was not responsible for deciding whether to grant access or not.

If the door access was performed using the Fisikal Access Control feature then the Result of the attempt is shown.

If the Fisikal Access view is enabled then the client's door access will appear.