Assessments Overview

How assessments can help you and your clients

The Assessments features in Fisikal allow you to:

  • Define custom sets of questions to be presented to clients
  • Create a set of questions as Terms and Conditions that a client must agree to in order to continue using the app
  • Set eligibility/suitability questions for packages
  • Collect health and fitness information from clients which can be used to track fitness progress
  • Repeatedly send questionnaires to clients to collect data over time
  • Assign clients into groups based on their answers in a questionnaire
  • Display the data back to the client so they can see the results of their fitness experience



For each set of questions you want to ask:

  • Create an Assessment Template in the settings of your club
  • Configure the area of the system to use that assessment


Use the topics below to create an assessment for you requirements: