How to get data out of Fisikal

There are lots of ways for you and your organisation to get data out of Fisikal:

  • Built-in reports
  • PowerBI reports
  • Special fixed queries
  • Direct database access
  • API Requests and Integrations


Built-in reports

Use the built-in reports to get an instant take on the current state of data in Fisikal.

Start here for general instructions on how to run built-in reports: How to run built-in reports

Click here for a complete list of the built-in reports: Fisikal Reports

PowerBI reports

Fisikal is connected to Microsoft Power BI through a reporting gateway that updates once a day.

The standard PowerBI suite of summary reports that include KPIs on:

  • Revenue
  • Bookings
  • Availability
  • Utilisation

Special fixed queries

If there is an unusual data request please contact your account manager who can arrange for simple data access through Retool.

Please contact your account manager for details.

Direct database access

Customers with their own instance (so not in the instance) can request access to their own database to make their own SQL queries.

Please contact your account manager for details.


API Requests and Integrations

Much of the data in Fisikal is available to be retrieved using the API or other integrations.

API documentation is available at the Developers link in the footer on your Fisikal instance.

Please contact your account manager for details.