Settings that control how email addresses are used.

Click Settings > Club > Edit Communication settings


When Email masking is enabled and a masking email address is specified then when an email is received the Reply-To address in the email is set to the masking address.

This means that if the user does reply to an email then the address the reply is sent to is different to the one it was received from.

For example:

In a normal club that is using the default Fisikal email provider all emails are received from, and this is what is shown in most email clients.

However with Email masking enabled and the masking email set to then if the client replies to the email the address that the reply will be sent to is


Note: It is possible to change the email address that all emails are sent from (to change the by using your company's own SMTP server. Click here for details


If the feedback option in the menu of the client app is enabled then it allows users to send a message to the business. The Feedback email option determines who receives those messages.

We recommend to use a distribution group in this field so that multiple people can receive and react to the feedback.