1. Fisikal Support

Benchmark report

List of responses to fitness assessments.


To gather data and information on assessments (learn more) taken by clients during a timeframe. 

How to run the report

The communications report is available to the admin user. 

To run the report: 

  1. Log in as an Administrator user
  2. Click Reports in the left hand menu
  3. Click + to add a new report to the queue
  4. Choose Benchmark report from the list 
  5. Choose the filter options, click Generate.  

Image 28-11-2023 at 15.16

Filter options


Choose the format of the output report file:

  • .csv - a comma separated text file that can be opened using Excel or other applications.
  • .json - a structured text file useful for exchanging data with other systems.
  • .xlsx - an Excel file that is usually smaller than the csv option but can take longer to produce.
  • .pdf - uneditable portable document most suited to printing.
Since Choose a start date to view data from.
Till Choose an end date for the data.

Choose which clubs will be included in the report: 

  • All - this includes all clubs in all locations.
  • Specific - choose which specific club(s) to create a report of. 

Report columns

The report columns in the Benchmark report change based on the assessments taken and completed by clients within the timeframe. These are the standard and continuous columns of the report:

Name Name of the client in assessment
Age Age of Client taking assessment


Gender of client taking assessment 
School Location/ name of the club 
Date Date of when assessment was taken
Captured by  The trainer who gave the assessment questions
`Follow up  Yes or no answer, to see if follow up questions are needed.
Status Status of the client. 
Fitness Index score Score of clients fitness
Tests completed

Number of tests completed by the client 

Examples of potential extra columns in report 

Number of Pull Ups  
Goal The clients fitness goals and what they want to achieve. 
Service of Interest  
Preferred Training Times  
Preferred Training Days  
How would you like to be contacted