Now that all of your settings are complete, Rob will walk you through creating, uploading and editing your virtual programming and custom workouts.

Launching Your Programmes

Any content you wish to share with Clients or Trainers must be uploaded into MEDIA FILES before configuring them in ANNOUNCEMENTS, EXERCISES or WORKOUTS. Announcements are any content associated to subscribed Clubs, Groups or specific Roles usually in the form of a Video or PDF. Exercises can be used to create Workouts in the Software. Users can create a library of Exercises which they can re-use themselves or assign to others through Subscriptions. Workouts are a collection of these exercises and can be generic Workouts or personalised for a specific Client or group of Clients. 

Log in to your account using your desktop or laptop here and select “MY DEVELOPMENT” on the left hand side of your screen.

We have partnered with Escape Fitness to access their extensive video exercise library if you don’t yet have one of your own ready to go. If you would like us to share this video content with you, please click here and let us know.

Tip: Allocate a couple of hours to establish your main set of template workout content. Add your own exercise library if you wish to, which you can build over time. You'll add to the ‘MY DEVELOPMENT’ section on a regular basis as you update your Clients programmes and assessments and continue to develop to your virtual programme offering.

Here’s Rob to show you how to create and edit your first programme.


Here you can upload and manage DOCUMENTS on the system and associate them to specific USERS or GROUPS. Documents can be shared by other users or added into Folders.  
Click here to learn how to add and edit Documents.

Media Files

This section in "MY DEVELOPMENT" allows you to manage all related MEDIA FILES associated to WORKOUTS and ANNOUNCEMENTS. 

To learn more about Media Files, click here.

Announcement Categories and Announcements

Click below to watch the video. 



For more details on Announcement Categories, click here, and for more detail on Announcements, click here.

Exercise Categories and Exercises

Click below to watch the video. 



For more details on Exercise Categories, click here, and for more detail on Exercises, click here.

Workout Categories and Workouts

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For more details on Workout Categories, click here, and for more detail on Workouts, click here.


What's coming next?

Your final email is on it’s way. We’ll cover the finishing touches so you need to switch on and go live!

Check your inbox for emails from and you’ll find your next quick step-by-step guide ready for you. Don't miss the HELP button which you can find at the footer of every page. You can get in touch with the Customer Support team 24/7 with any questions.

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