What roles apply in your club and how to use them.

Roles overview

The roles you will encounter in your club depend on how you are using Fisikal.

  • If your club is a Fitness Club or studio then you will see the Club Roles, this is the most common view.
  • If your club is a Content Provider then the content provider role is the only one used in your club.
  • If you interact with Fisikal using the API then a subset of the roles are available for use.





The Administrator role is used in a multi-club environment. The administrator has permissions to:

  • Create new clubs and edit their settings
  • Manage environment settings that affect all clubs
  • Create new users of all roles (including other administrators)
  • Spoof as any user

An Administrator cannot control any configuration inside a club, such as Services or Packages, however they can spoof as a Manager user in that club to do those things.


The Manager role has complete control over the settings inside a single club in Fisikal. Every club must have at least one Manager.

A Manager has permission to:

  • Create new users of role Manager and below (ie not Administrators).
  • Assign permissions for all the roles in the club
  • Access all the enabled features in the club

PT Manager

The PT Manager role has slightly fewer permissions but they can:

  • Create new users of role PT Manager and below
  • Edit Services
  • Edit Working Hours

Front of House (FoH) Manager

The FoH Manager is intended as a super-trainer role that can be granted permissions that elevate them above a Trainer.

Self-employed Trainer

Self-employed trainers have some extra options allowing them to manage the finances of their business.

  • Can access the Money section for tracking expenses and invoices
  • Can access Services to manage configuration
  • Can access the Pro App to manage their sessions

Employed Trainer

Employed trainers can be associated to services for delivering appointments.

  • Can access the Pro App to manage their sessions


Accessing Fisikal as a client changes the user perspective from being able to view all the services, products and locations etc to being able to see only those that are relevant to the client.

  • Can access the member app
  • Joining a booking or waitlist


The guest role allows a user to interact with Fisikal prior to signing up.

  • View timetable
  • Sign-up
  • See locations etc