Trainers payroll report is useful to analyse the trainers payroll.

How to run the report

The Trainers Payroll report is available to Manager users where the permission is enabled:

To set the permission click: Settings > User Permissions > Manager > Can see Reports section > Trainers payroll = True

To run the report:

  1. Click Reports in the main menu
  2. Click + to add a new report to the queue
  3. Choose Trainers Payroll from the list
  4. Choose the filter options, click Generate

Screenshot 2023-11-02 at 17.27.56

Filter Options


Choose the format of the output report file:

  • .csv - a comma separated text file that can be opened using Excel or other applications
  • .json - a structured text file useful for exchanging data with other systems
  • .xlsx - an Excel file that is usually smaller than the csv option but can take longer to produce
  • .pdf - uneditable portable document most suited to printing






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