This article will go through a number of solutions to help resolve issues with Team members.


When you have more than 1 team member added to a Club and they both / all have bookings associated to their profile, all the data should be associated to a single profile for each of future management. There are a number of things to consider as follows:

  • Future scheduled events
  • Services assignment
  • Multiple profiles visible for users
  • Working hours associated to team members

In order to resolve this issue, Users should do the following in the following order:

  1. Go to TEAM and enter the name of the Team member, open a browser tab for each of the Team members you have found
  2. Choose which Team member (Default Trainer) you want to keep and adjust the names of the other profiles (Duplicate Trainer) so you can identify that you do not want to have them anymore (enter (REMOVE) next to them or another such identifier).


The easiest way to check all the Services that you need to associated to a Default Trainer by going to REPORTS > SERVICES and downloading a report. You should filter on the TRAINER column to view the Services associated to the Duplicate Trainer(s). You can then check to see if you need to associate these Services to the Default Trainer by filter on their name as well.

If you find that the Default Trainer is not associated to some of the Services that the Duplicate Trainer is, you will need to associate the Default Trainer to these Services. To do this Users should go to SERVICES and then associate the Default Trainer to all the Services that they now need to be associated to. Make sure that the Default Trainer is not already associated to them.

Now that you have associated the Default Trainer to all the Services they need to, you can move to the step below which goes through editing the Trainer for future events.


It is possible to change the name of the Trainer that is delivering a future appointment. It is not possible to change the name of a Trainer in an event that has already occurred. To do this it is advisable to have 2 browsers tabs open as as follows:

  • Browser 1 - Duplicate Trainer profile > Future appointments
  • Browser 2 - Schedule

It is recommended that you have 2 browser tabs open so that you can toggle between the information in the FUTURE APPOINTMENTS section that you will need to adjust the Trainer name for on the Schedule to the Default Trainer. Note that this should only be done for FUTURE BOOKINGS.

Go to FUTURE APPOINTMENTS in browser 1 and view the date and time of the event that you want to change the Trainer name on. Select browser 2 and find the appointment on the Schedule and select EDIT.

On the appointment form select the box with the Trainers name in the event and then select and apply the name of the Default Trainer to the form. The form should no longer should the Duplicate Trainer's name.

If the "Recurrence" section of the form shows "This is a non-recurring appointment, Users should check all the other details in the form (and make changes if required) and then select UPDATE. The change will be made to this individual appointment. If Users experience any other errors such as "Trainer not working" or "Trainer already has another booking at this time", Users should resolve these issues first in an alternative browser and then resubmit the form for validation.

NOTE: It is now possible to EDIT an event and change the Trainer in the event even if the Trainer is not working at this time. The form will inform Users that the Trainer is not working and they are able to OPEN their Working Hours directly on the appointment form if they would like to.

If the "Recurrence" section of the form shows "This appointment repeats..." then Users can apply the change in Trainer to all future events linked to this booking. Please note that Users should consider the following when applying a change for all future events:

  • The appointment Duration is the same in all future bookings
  • The appointment Group Size is the same in all future bookings
  • The appointment Sub Location is the same in all future bookings (if configured)
  • The Clients attending are the same in all future bookings (unusual for Group Fitness Classes and more important for individual bookings such as PT)

If APPLY TO (X) FUTURE INSTANCES is checked and UPDATE is selected, all the Settings as outlined above will be updated in all future instances (including associating Clients to all future bookings). We recommend that when changes for Group Bookings are made, Users navigate to the Schedule to a date in the future that has NO Clients associated to it and Trainer changes are made in this instance and are applied to all future events linked from that date forwards. Then Users should go back to the instances that do have Clients associated to them and update the Trainer manually in each of these individually.

Once all the appointments have been rescheduled to the Default Trainer profile, Users should go back to browser 2 and refresh the page. It should show NO FUTURE BOOKINGS. If this is true then Users can now remove the Duplicate Trainers profile from view.


It is important to remove Duplicate Trainer profiles from view as this could cause Scheduling errors in the future. To remove a Trainer's profile, Users should do the following:

  • Go to TEAM section
  • Search for the Name of the Duplicate Trainer and select EDIT on their Profile
  • Adjust the name of the Trainer to show "Trainer Name TO REMOVE"
  • Change the STATUS to INACTIVE
  • Select UPDATE

Once UPDATE is selected, the Trainer will no longer be visible on the Schedule or any Client facing Trainer profiles on the Web or within any associated Mobile Applications. The Trainer will also not be able to log into the Software anymore (including an associated Mobile Applications). 

It is possible to change the Status of any User profile in the Software should Users need to.