Use the propagate package feature to make sure your customers can use all the services you offer the moment they are added to the system


When a client purchases a package they receive the package as it is configured when they purchase it. The Propagate Package club option controls whether subsequent changes to the package configuration are reflected on the client's package or not.

  • When the Propagate Package club option is enabled then if a package is changed after a client has purchased it then their package will be updated to include the new changes.
  • If the Propagate Package club option is disabled then the product the client purchased will remain untouched, unless it is a subscription package in which case it will become equal to the new configuration upon the next payment.

Example of Propagate Package

For example a staff member creates a package called All Inclusive v1 that grants the client 5 credits for each of the services, A, B and C offered in the club:

A client purchases this package and they now have a copy of that package.

Over the next few days the client consumes the credits in the package to get to this point:

Then the club receives a new piece of equipment that allows them to offer a new Service D.

A staff member edits the All Inclusive v1 package and:

  • Renames it to All Inclusive v2
  • Adds the Service D service to it
  • Increases the credits for all the services in the package to 6 for each one.

If the Propagate Package option is Disabled in the club, then only the package name change will affect the client, but not the credits, and they will not be able to book onto the Service D occurrences in the timetable.

If their package is a subscription, then the next time they receive a package it WILL match the new configuration, but that could be days, weeks or months in the future.

If the Propagate Package option is Enabled in the club, then the staff member will see a message like this when they update the package:

The staff member can Force the change to take place now, or await it to work overnight; either way following the change the client' package will be updated to match the changes to the package;

  • The credits for Service D have been added to the client's package
  • The increased credits for the other services have been added

How to turn on the Propagate Packages feature

Log into Fisikal as a Manager user

Click Settings > Club and then click the pencil icon for Club Settings

Once the feature is enabled then any future edits to packages will be propagated.

All changes to a package will be propagated so that the package that clients get is always matching the configured package. So even if the Propagate Package feature is turned off and then an edit to the package is made if the option is turned back on again and a second change is made then both changes will be propagated.


Package and Credit audit history

The propagate packages feature has the power to allow a user to make a mistake on a large scale, either by adding a service that was not the intention or removing a service that should not be removed.

To help with analysing the history of a package there are a couple of helpful features:

Review the changes made to a package on the history tab of the package:


You can also see the effect a change on a package has had for a client by examining their Transaction History for Credits.

From a client's record click on Transactions > Credits.

When a package has been edited and the credits quantity for an existing service has been changed (increased or decreased) then a Package Credit Amendment is shown in the table.

If a new service has been added then a Package credit assignment is recorded.