Add links to your messages that when clicked by clients result in the Member App opening and the exact linked page appears.

It is possible to send links in marketing emails or custom push notifications that are deep links into pages in the member app, so that when a client clicks the link the app opens on the specified page.


The deep link must be selected from the list below and assembled from information in your Fisikal system.

For example the link to the directory in the image above looks like this

To assemble this link you must find:

  • the sub-domain of your Fisikal system
  • the ID of the location that you want to view, in this case 626

To find the sub-domain look at the url for your Fisikal login, the sub-domain is the part of the url before For example the sub-domain of the instance is cuttingedge.


To find the ID of the location, edit the location in Fisikal and find the ID in the URL 

Get ID of Location

Depending on the deep link you may need to identify more items of information.

Common deep links available

Below is a list of the most common links that can be used for pages in the app.

Display the client's current bookings (My Bookings):

Open the Book Appointment page for a specific occurrence


  • 12345 is the ID of the occurrence, available in the URL when you Edit an occurrence on the schedule.

Display the list of trainers that can deliver a specific service category


  • 1234 is the ID of the Service Category.

Display the list of Services in a Category


  • 1234 is the ID of the Service Category that the services are under

Display a specific Announcement


  • 123 is the ID of the Announcement Category that the Announcement is under
  • 456 is the ID of the Announcement to be displayed


Display a specific Workout Category


  • 123 is the ID of the Workout Category to be displayed

Display a specific workout


  • 123 is the ID of the workout to be displayed

Display the schedule for a specific service, trainer, category, date range or location[]=123&trainer_ids[]=456&service_ids[]=789


  • calendar_mode=day is the day/week/month option of the calendar (note only day is universally supported in apps)
  • calendar_first_date the date of the calendar when it opens, leave empty for today
  • location_ids[] is the list of locations to show in the calendar. Leave empty to show the client's default location.
  • trainer_ids[] one of a possible list of trainer IDs to filter the schedule for
  • service_ids[] one of a possible list of service IDs to filter the schedule for

The schedule deep link is possibly complicated to assemble, so there is a helper available to make assembling a schedule deep link easier.

  1. Log into Fisikal as a Manager
  2. Identify a typical client and Spoof as the client
  3. Navigate as the client to the schedule and select the required filters for the schedule
  4. Click the 'My schedule URL with params' button to display the deep link that matches the selections. This button is only visible if you are spoofing a client as a manager.

How to get a schedule deep link

Display the feedback form in the App

Display the user's notification preferences



  • Always test your link, ideally on a number of devices and users to ensure all is OK before triggering a big campaign.
  • Customisations to your member app can have an effect on the deep link support and may result in a dead end link which cannot be displayed, and or require extra development to achieve. Always test.
  • If you do not have a page in your app, then you cannot link to it. For example, if your app does not have a directory link, then you cannot send a link to open the directory. If your app does not have a workouts section then you cannot link to a workout.

Is the app installed and logged in?

  • If the client does not have your member app installed already then they will be directed to a web page, but it may be a different experience. Please check this flow to be sure. Ideally only send deep links to clients who are definitely app users.
  • If the client does have the member app installed, but they are not logged in then the app will open, but will not proceed past the login page. Once the client logs in they will be shown the dashboard as normal (i.e. the link to a specific page  gets disrupted by having to log in).
  • If there are multiple apps in use in the same instance (for example in the shared Cutting Edge instance, or in an instance that has multiple clubs) and the user has two or more of them installed, then it is unclear which one will be opened by the operating system of the device when a deep link is clicked. For now there is no solution for this issue available. 

How do I send a deep link?

  • Deep links can be added to custom push notifications and emails sent using the Fisikal messaging capability.
  • Deep links can be added to the email templates in Fisikal.
  • Deep links can be used in push notifications and emails sent by your marketing tools from outside of Fisikal.
  • Deep links cannot be added to the transactional push notifications sent by Fisikal as they are not customisable.
  • We recommend using a URL shortening service (for example Bitly, or so that the deep links are not too long. This is especially true in Push Notifications.
    In emails the deep link should be used as the href for an anchor element so that it is not visible to the recipient.