What to buy for Access Control, and how to set it up

Hardware required

There is hardware required in your club in order to run the FKL Doors application.

FKL Doors is delivered as a Chromium based Linux application which we recommend is run on  RaspberryPi devices. This combination uses cheap and easily installed hardware and software to connect your door controller hardware to the Fisikal servers.

You can obtain the required hardware for about £50.

1x Raspberry Pi for each Access Controller

We recommend the latest version of the RaspberryPi; at the time of writing a Raspberry Pi 4

Raspberry Pi 4 Specifications

Case for Raspberry Pi

Pis do not come with a case as standard, but if this device is going to reside in your server-room it is recommended to protect it.

Some clients mount their Pi inside the case for the Nortech CRC 400 as there is plenty of room, this is OK too and removes the need for a case.

Power supply

Pis are powered by a mobile phone type power supply. We recommend a separate supply for the Pi rather than powering from the Access Controller.

Connection cables

The Pi needs to be connected to the internet. Ideally this is a wired connection, so purchase a suitable ethernet cable.

The Pi must be connected to the Access Controller and this is usually a controller specific cable.

For Nortech CRC400 it is an RS-232 to USB cable (which is supplied with the Nortech device)


Micro SD Card

The OS and data storage of the Pi operate on an SD or Micro SD card.

We recommend at least a 16GB SD card in each Pi.

See below for instructions for getting the software onto the card.


Configuring your RaspberryPi

1. Install the Ubuntu OS on the SD card using these instructions:


2. Once it is possible to start your Pi and log in, please contact Fisikal support to connect your RaspberryPi to the Fisikal VPN that has been created for your club and configure it to access to the Fisikal system.

You will need to supply the IP address of the Pi, and the username and password so we can log in remotely.