Connect Fisikal to Gympass to allow clients to make bookings in Fisikal using the Gympass app.

Gympass is a discovery platform helping enterprises find workout facilities for their employees

You can connect Fisikal to Gympass to allow their employees to discover your services and book directly into your classes.



How to set up Gympass for your club

Before enabling Gympass make sure your Fisikal system is already working; that you can add events to the schedule and clients can book them online or through the app.

Setup in Gympass

Sign up to Gympass and configure your business in Gympass to get the details you need:

For each of your locations (gyms) in Gympass you need to obtain 3x , 6 digit numbers:
    1. Gympass Gym ID
    2. Product ID for In studio classes
    3. Product ID for Online classes

    In Fisikal prepare the following configuration (5 minutes):

    1. Log into Fisikal as a Manager user
    2. Create a package
      Click Services > Packages
      Create a new package to be assigned to clients who book through Gympass that will let them book a service in your club.
      Use the following recommended settings:
      1. Put Gympass in the name of the package, eg: Gympass 1 day package
      2. Set the type to Expirable, in 1 day
      3. Create a group = enabled
      4. Set an overall credit limit of 1
      5. Add a row for all the services that will be bookable through Gympass, with a value of 1.
      6. Visible for Managers only
      7. Set the package to be Free
      8. Turn off the notifications
    3. Create an Identity field
      Create a new identity which will be the field where the client's Gympass ID will be stored.
      Click Settings > Identities
      Use the following recommended settings:
      1. Identity Type: Third-party ID
      2. Display name: Gympass ID
      3. Max per client: 1
      4. Minimum days between changes: 0
    4. Create a tag
      Create a new tag category and tag that will be applied to the clients that are created through Gympass. This allows them to be easily identified for reporting.
      1. First create a category: click Settings > Tag Categories
        1. Create a new category:
          1. Name: Gympass
          2. Can be applied by: Managers
          3. Applied to: Clients
      2. Create a new Tag: click Settings > Tags
        1. Create a new tag:
          1. Tag: Created by Gympass
          2. Description: Clients created through Gympass Integration
          3. Tag Category: Gympass

    Create Integration

    Create the integration using all the above information:

    1. Log into Fisikal as a Manager user
    2. Click Settings > Integrations
    3. Add a new integration,
      1. Select type: Gympass:
      2. Select package to assign to clients created through Gympass: Choose the package 'Gympass 1 day package'
      3. Select identity to use as Gympass User ID: Choose 'Gympass ID'
      4. Select Tag to apply to clients created through Gympass: Choose 'Created by Gympass'

      5. Click Add to enable the integration

    Once you have completed the above step the Gympass integration is not quite ready yet, but it has enabled some Gympass options on your Locations and Services.

    Configure Locations

    For each location where Gympass bookings will be allowed enter the Gympass Gym ID.

    1. Click Services > Locations
    2. Edit Location
    3. Click Integrations tab
    4. Enter the Gympass Gym ID, In-Studio ID and Gympass Virtual ID received from Gympass.

    Note if the Gympass integration just got enabled you may need to refresh the page (F5 or Cmd+R) for the Integration tab to be displayed.


    Configure Services

    Edit each service in your club that will be available in Gympass. By default your services are all unavailable in Gympass, you must actively enable those you want to be visible in the Gympass app.

    Each service will be available in each location if:

    • The location has a Gympass Gym ID
    • AND there is at least one Trainer assigned to the service in that location

    Each service in Fisikal becomes what Gympass calls a Class. Fisikal will create one class in Gympass for each location where the service is available.

    You can use the Bulk Edit function to enable services in Gympass, however each service needs to be assigned a Gympass Category, so use the Bulk Edit function on all the services that are in the same category.

    Once enabled any new occurrence of that service added to the schedule will be shared to Gympass.

    Use Bulk Edit to enable a group of services in Gympass

    1. Click Services > Bulk Edit
    2. Tick all the services to be enabled that have the same Gympass category
    3. Click the Gympass tab
      1. Enable the share to Gympass
      2. Select the Gympass category
    4. Click update.
      The services will be updated and created in Gympass.

    Enable an individual service in Gympass

    1. Click Services and edit an existing service using the ✏️ button
    2. Click the Gympass tab
      1. Enable the share to Gympass
      2. Select the Gympass category
    3. Click update.
      The service will be updated and created in Gympass.

    Schedule a class

    Add an occurrence of a service to the schedule to create a class in Gympass.

    Add a class in the normal way by either:

    • Click Schedule > Book
    • or Schedule > Click on the calendar

    There is no special step required for Gympass classes. The new occurrence will appear immediately in Gympass and be bookable by Gympass users.