Tips for Content Providers


The Fisikal CMS enables Content Providers and Administrators to update copy on the platform. Associated Applications and Websites will automatically update to show the edited fields when the user refreshes the page. 

It is important to have consistent copy formatting through the platform so that it looks the same on each page. Important points to include: 

  • Capitalisation
  • Punctuation 

It is advisable that all written fields are first written onto XLS or word and then pasted into FKL. It may be easier to highlight missing capitalisation or punctuation on other programmes than scrolling through each page of the Application or Website. 

Note that all Announcements show in alphabetical order. If you want to amend the order of Announcements, you will have to change their titles or add in prefix letters or numbers.


As Fisikal is operated by customers on their own web browsers as a browser-app, the user's laptop, tablet or desktop should be powerful enough to run a modern browser such as Google Chrome. Customers should satisfy that their own computers match the latest system requirements as outlined on the following link:

As Fisikal can also be operated on iPad 1st generations, the minimum tablet requirements would be 2GB.

Customers' usage of the platform will vary depending on if they are managing content, viewing content or using the non-rich media areas of the platform such as bookings and payments. Customers are solely responsible for procuring and maintaining their own network connections and telecommunication links to access Fisikal online. 


The server-side solution is running in Docker and therefore is running on top of linux operation system. As far as the consumer side is concerned (the actual users of the system), any operating system with a reasonably recent browser installed will do – the solution is fully web-based and doesn’t have any native dependencies.


We target the most recent version of all major browsers plus 1 stable release back (i.e. IE11 and IE Edge), but in fact the web site operates well in a much wider range of browsers as per customer reports.