Exercise Category: the grouping of Exercises in Fisikal.

CP’s need to have Exercise Categories (ECs) in place in order to upload and manage Exercises into Categories. When content is uploaded, it MUST be associated to an EC and it is advisable to associate it to TAG(s) otherwise it will not be categorised or sub categorises so users can see it or search through it with connected Apps. 

In the example below, ECs have been configured to group Exercises by outcome. CPs can choose to configure Exercises however they would like so their users can access them.


By selecting the pencil icon on an EC you will see the following attributes:


Content Providers can create new ECs and edit existing ECs as required. 

Imagery shown on the EC will be fed through the end user's web platform or mobile application. CPs should make sure that EC imagery renders well in its intended place (web / mobile).