How to delete a client record from Fisikal

There are two ways that a client record can be deleted:

  • If enabled then Clients can choose to delete their own account using the Mobile App
  • Administrator users can delete any client

How a client can delete their own record

Note: Not all Member Apps have the account deletion function enabled. It is an app build option, not a permission controlled setting. Typically apps that allow sign-up must have the account deletion feature too in order for the app to be accepted by the app stores. But any app can have the feature added if requested during the design phase.

  1. Log into the Member App
  2. Click > Settings > Preferences
  3. Click Delete My Account
  4. Enter your password, click Confirm Deletion
  5. Click Logout
  6. You are logged out of the app and your account is now deleted and no longer usable.


How to delete a client as an Administrator

Note: Not all customers have an Administrator account. In this case to delete a client record please submit a support request to The request must have very precise details of the client to be deleted; please include the exact name, email address, id and a screenshot of the client.

  1. Log into Fisikal as an Administrator user
  2. Click Users and search for the client record to be deleted using the information provided.
  3. Click the user record and confirm that this is the user to be deleted.
  4. Click the ✏️edit button.
  5. Change the user status to Deleted
  6. Click Update.
  7. The user record is immediately deleted and is not longer visible at all by a club user.



What data is deleted when a client record is deleted?

In order to maintain referential integrity a client's record is not strictly deleted from Fisikal. The record remains but is anonymised. This is so that historical data is still correct, for example running a report for the sessions conducted for the past month will still show that a session was conducted, but it will not be possible to identify which client it was for.


  • Name is changed to [deleted]
  • Email is changed to a randomly generated one
  • All related rows in these related tables are deleted:

    • audits

    • client_linkings

    • client_trainers

    • identities_bases

    • payments_credit_cards

  • Cancel all upcoming bookings

    • Making sure that the client is no longer on any waiting lists too

    • This should trigger notifications, so that staff are aware, eg cancellation to trainer

    • But does not result in notifications to the client

  • Cancel all active subscriptions

  • Clear any freetext profile fields, including:

    • mobile_no, mobile_device, phone_no, work_no fields

    • address_1, address_2, address_3, town, postcode fields

    • facebook_id, height, weight

    • measurement1, measurement2, measurement3, measurement4, measurement5, measurement6

  • Delete all of the client’s profile images stored in AWS