1. Fisikal Support


The Daily Takings report provides information on every financial transaction in the system.

The Daily Takings Report is useful to analyse the transactions of items or packages in a given time frame. Useful for checking transactions in detail regarding payee, item/package value, location, quantity, payment time. 

How to run the report

The Daily Takings report is available to Manager users where the permission is enabled:

To set the permission click: Settings > User Permissions > Manager > Can see Reports section > Daily Takings = True

To run the report:

  1. Sign in as a manager.
  2. Click Reports in the main menu
  3. Click + to add a new report to the queue
  4. Choose Daily Takings from the list
  5. Choose the filter options, click Generate

Screenshot 2023-10-31 171721

Filter Options


Choose the format of the output report file:

  • .csv - a comma separated text file that can be opened using Excel or other applications.
  • .json - a structured text file useful for exchanging data with other systems.
  • .xlsx - an Excel file that is usually smaller than the csv option but can take longer to produce.
  • .pdf - uneditable portable document most suited to printing.
Filter by

Posted Date uses the date that the payment was created in the system.

Payment Date uses the date selected by the user during the payment flow.

Since Choose a start date to view data from.
Till Choose an end date for the data.

Choose the location to review: 

  • All - Includes all locations, including inactive. 
  • Active - All active locations. 
  • Specific - Choose a custom location(s). 



Posted Date The date the transaction occurred in the system
Posted Time

The time the transaction occurred in the system.

If the location of the transaction is known then the time is in the time zone of the location. Otherwise the time will be in the club-wide time zone.

Payment Date The date selected by the user during the transaction.
FKL ID This is the Client ID.
Client Purchase By The client who purchased the item/package.
Client Home Club The location the client is based at.
Client Join Date The date at which the client first joined.
Client Status Displays whether the client is active or inactive.
Prospect Y/N field on clients.
Client Purchased For The recipient of the purchased item/package. 
Item Category The category of the Item.
Item Purchased The name of the Item purchased. 

Item Value (Unit)

The value of the item. 
Tax (Unit) The tax induced on the item. 
Discount Value (Unit) Any discounts that were put on the item. 
Total Value (Unit) Overall value of the item including tax and discounts. 
Item Quality The number of items purchased. 
Total Value  This is the Total Value (unit) x Quantity.
Amount Paid The amount paid. 
Balance Balance remaining. 
Total tax The total amount of tax. 
Discount Type The amount of discount in %. 
Payment Type Displays whether payment was made in full or deposited. 
Payment Method The method of payment. 
Payee The recipient of the payment.
Location The location that is selected during the transaction.
time_zone The time zone of the location.
Item ID
Transaction ID
Orders ID
Receipt No
Document ID
These are the IDs used for referencing or linking to other documents. 
References  May contain the information required to look up a corresponding transaction in a payment gateway. 
Notes Any notes on the transaction.
CSP ID The ID of the Client Service Packages.
Created by The name of the person who created the transaction.
Stripe Payment Reference The payment reference for Stripe.