Use the Daily Sessions Report to view the listing of all the bookings in the club.

How to run the report

The Daily Sessions report is available to Manager users where the permission is enabled:

To set the permission click: Settings > User Permissions > Manager > Can see Reports section > Daily Session= True

To run the report:

  1. Click Reports in the main menu
  2. Click + to add a new report to the queue
  3. Choose Daily Session from the list
  4. Choose the filter options, click Generate 

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Filter Options


Choose the format of the output report file:

  • .csv - a comma separated text file that can be opened using Excel or other applications.
  • .json - a structured text file useful for exchanging data with other systems.
  • .xlsx - an Excel file that is usually smaller than the csv option but can take longer to produce.
  • .pdf - uneditable portable document most suited to printing.
Since Choose a start date to view data from.
Till Choose an end date for the data. This date can be a date in the future if required and can include booking information for sessions that have not yet occurred.

Choose which trainers to include:

  • All - this includes all trainers of all status, including inactive.
  • Active - this only shows active Trainers. 
  • Specific - choose individual or multiple Trainers.

Choose the location setting to limit the scope of the report. Clients will appear in the report if:

  • Their home location is in the selected locations
  • or
  • The package purchase location is in the selected locations

The locations visible in the report are limited to the locations that the user has permission to view. Change the Home club or Allocated Locations for a user to allow them to see all locations.

Source Tracking 

This report has the option to include data on what method was used to perform an action, on the website, an iOS version of the app or the Android version of the app.

Report Columns

Section Column Note
Client info

Client Name Name of the client 
Client Alt ID Alt ID of the client 
Joined Date Date of when the client joined the club
Client Status Whether the client is active or not. 


Occurrence info Location Location of the session
Sub Location Location of service within the club.
Service Category Category of the service i.e Personal training, group exercise.
Service Title  
Activity Title of the activity taking place. 
Trainer Trainer leading the service. 
Trainer Alt ID The Alt-ID of the trainer. 
Assistant Trainers Name of any assistant trainers
Date of Session Date and time the session took place, time will be in the timezone of the club. 
Time of Session
Livestream URL link to the livestream of the session. 
  Attendance Whether the client attended the class. 
  Billed Whether the client is billed for the session. 
  GA Trainer This is the Lead Trainer. 
Booking history Booked by Who booked the client on. 
Booked on The date the booking took place
The time that the booking was logged related to timezone fo the session.
Booked at
  First booking Whether this is the first booking for the client. 
  Booked with What source was this session booked on with, i.e web or app. 
  Rescheduled Was the booking rescheduled?
Cancellation Cancelled by Who cancelled the session.
Cancelled on What date was it cancelled on. 
Cancelled at What time was this cancelled at, 
Auto-cancelled on Related to the auto-cancellation feature that marks a client as not attended if class is missed. 
Auto-cancelled at  
Cancelled with What source was this session cancelled on with, i.e web or app. 
  Incorrect billing Used to verify that attendance and billing are correct, 
  Ref ID Reference ID of the occurrence per client. 
Client Info  Client Email  
Client ID  
Client Service Package Info  CSP ID Client Service Package ID of the package that the credits have been taken from. 
CSP Package Name Name of Client Service Package 
CSP Package AltID The Alt ID of the client Service Package which links to a third party system supplying the service. 
CSP cost Cost of the Client Service Package
CSP Owner Name  
CSP Owner ID  

Strike will show whether a strike was taken against a client for late cancellation or missing the class, strike will be 1,2,3 referencing the number of the strike. 

n/a means a strike was played but removed by a trainer or manager. 

  CSP Source