When you log in to Fisikal as a Content Provider user the terminology of the UI changes.

Active: a user status in Fisikal which enables a user to access the system without restraint. 

Administrator: a user role in Fisikal that has full control over all attributes of the dedicated cluster. Their role is to Create Clubs, Content Providers and Users. 

Announcements: Content associated to subscribed Clubs, Groups or specific Roles usually in the form of a Video or PDF.

Announcement Categories: a grouping mechanism for Announcements.

Application (App): a software programme built on the native platforms usually for iOS (Apple) and Android (Google) mobile devices. The App has been optimised to operate as intended on the Devices.

Authorised Users: those employees, agents and independent contractors (E.g. Personal Trainers and Group Fitness Trainers) of a Club who, following the purchase of a Club Subscription for that Club by CONTENT PROVIDERS, are authorised by CONTENT PROVIDERS to use the Software. 

Client: a type of Authorised User that has access to functionality defined within their Club and sits under a Trainer on the hierarchy of Users in Fisikal. 

Club: an individual environment licensed by Fisikal to CONTENT PROVIDERS for use with its Authorised Users, Customers and associated Software Modules. Clubs contain Club Manager, PT Manager, FOHM, Trainer and Client Roles.

Clone: a type of functionality in Fisikal where a Club, Service or Workout be duplicated for the User to create a copy of it.

Club Manager: a type of Authorised User that has full access to configure a Club in Fisikal. This user sits at the top of the hierarchy within a specific Club.

Collection: a grouping mechanism for Announcements, Workouts and Exercises which can be associated to a Timeline on the Content Provider site.

Content: Media Files uploaded by CONTENT PROVIDERS for use by their Customers.

Content Provider: a type of Authorised User that has access to an area where they can manage Media, Workouts, Physical Products, Digital Products, Orders and can share Media with associated Clubs.

Contract Length: an attribute of Subscriptions and Timed Content in the Content Provider site.

Course: A course is a collection of modules. These are used by Education Providers.

Customer: a user or users engaging in the services or product offerings of CONTENT PROVIDERS.

Devices: the list mobile phones and tablets upon which the Software has been designed to operate. 

Digital Products: a premium Media item or premium Workout which can be sold through the Software to Customers. 

Education Module: an area in Fisikal which is specifically licensed to CONTENT PROVIDERS to enable them to deliver Media content to their licensed Clubs or Customers.

Education Provider: A company offering education courses to students.

Exercises: an attribute in Fisikal that has videos, Tags, Descriptions and categorisation associated to them. Exercises are designed to streamline Workout creation. 

Exercise Category: the grouping of Exercises in Fisikal. 

FOHM: a type of Authorised User that sits between a PT Manager and Trainer user types in a Club in Fisikal.

Group: an attribute of Fisikal that enables Users to be grouped to streamline administration.

Location: an attribute of a Club in Fisikal which CONTENT PROVIDERS will pay License fees for on a per unit basis. 

Media Files: Video, PDF and other related educational material uploaded by CONTENT PROVIDERS. 

Module: an individual component of the Software which can be packaged with other Modules and licensed to Clubs.

My Development: an area of a Content Providers site where Timed Content, Announcements, Announcement Categories, Products, Product Categories, Media Files, Workout Categories and Workouts are managed. 

Order: a type of transaction where a Digital Product or Physical Product has been purchased by a Client with a Content Provider. 

Password: a unique string that when combined with an Active Username, enables Authorised Users to access the Software. 

Payment Platform: the fees deducted by Apple iTunes Store and Google Play Stores for in-app purchases. 

Physical Products: an article or substance that is manufactured or refined for sale. 

Products: an area of the Content Provider site found in My Development which enables Content Providers to create and manage Physical Products and Digital Products which can be sold to Clients. 

Professional: a user type in Fisikal that has access to the Software. 

PT Manager: a type of Authorised User that sits between a Club Manager and FOHM user types in a Club in Fisikal. 

Role: a User type in Fisikal 

Spoof: the action of being able to bypass the login to another User site who is below you in the User hierarchy of Fisikal. 

Students: students of an education provider.

Subscription: an attribute of Timeline in the Content Provider site which enables a Content Provider to connect a Timeline to a specific Club with a Start Date and a Contract Length associated to it.

Tag: an attribute in Fisikal that can be associated to Content so that associated Applications can read and filter Content by them.

Timeline: an area in a Content Provider's site that enables them to deliver Collections to licensed Clubs with several associated attributes. 

Timed Content: an area in the Content Provider site where Collections, Timelines and Subscriptions are managed. 

Trainer: a type of Authorised User that sits between a FOHM and Client user types in a Club in Fisikal. 

Transaction Fees: the fees which Fisikal are required to pay in respect of sales made through the Payment Platform. 

URL: a web address.

Username: an email address that when combined with a password enables an authorised user to access the Software.

Workout: a collection of exercises that have videos associated to them that are delivered to users through any of the Fisikal products. 

Workout Category: a grouping mechanism for Workouts.