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The Client Details Report pulls a list of clients in your Fisikal club with fields detailing key information from their profiles.

This article covers the Client Details Report. The Client Details Report pulls a list of clients in your Fisikal club with fields detailing key information from their profiles.


Generating the Report

To generate a report, Users should go to the REPORTS section and select the "+" button. The GENERATE REPORT form will display as shown below:

When generating a Client Details Report you can choose to view all clients, active clients, or a specific list of clients. You can also choose to generate the report only for clients of a specific home club.

Report Fields

The Client Details Report contains one row for each Fisikal client with the below fields. This report is primarily returning client profile information, much of which is manually entered by clients or staff, therefore if the specific field has not been filled in on the user profile, the entry in this report will be blank:

Client title (if assigned)

Full client name

Primary client email as used to log into Fisikal with

Client Status
Whether the user's account is Active (default) or Inactive

This field is 'No' by default but can be changed to 'Yes' on a client's profile by any staff member

Total Attended Sessions
Total number of bookings a user has attended at the time of report generation

Lead Trainer
The name of the clients 'lead trainer' if assigned

Home Club
Client's home club where their bookings and schedule will default to

Mobile Number

Date of Birth

Join Date
Can be manually changed by staff to match the date the user first joined the club - otherwise system-generated to be the day of account creation.


First line of the user's address (shown in user profile as Address Line 1)






Home Number

Work Number

Membership Type

Comma-separated list based on a dropdown selection on the client profile

Company Name


PA Name

PA Contact Number

PA Email


GP Address

Next of kin

Emergency Contact Number

Linked Clients
The name of any clients for whom this user is a 'lead client' for; often used to denote children of this user.

Linked To
The name of the single Lead Client for this user if the user is a linked client. LEAD Clients can book for their linked client and control their account permissions.

LEAD Client
Will return LEAD of the user is a lead client, otherwise field will be empty.

Rehabilitation Client
Defaults to No unless manually changed on the user's profile.

Insurance Company

Policy Number

Group Number

Additional Info

Booking Permissions
Will be blank if not explicitly defined, in which case they will have the bookings permissions defined at club level. This can be self-book or request.

Trainer Visibility (PUBLIC or PRIVATE)

Trainers visible individuals

Trainer visibility Group

Client ID
The client's unique Fisikal ID. Used as a unique identified for the user within the Fisikal system.

Client Referral ID

Client Alt ID

Striked out until
The date from which the user can resume making bookings if their permissions have been temporarily rescinded by the strike system (if enabled). Blank if user is not striked out.