1. Fisikal Support

Capacity Report

Analyse how full group services are.


The capacity report is used to analyse the fullness and capacity of group services of a club are throughout a timeframe given. 

How to run the report

The Capacity report is available to the admin user. 

To run the report: 

  1. Log in or spoof as a manager user
  2. Click Reports in the left hand menu
  3. Click + to add a new report to the queue
  4. Choose Capacity report from the list 
  5. Choose the filter options, click Generate.  

Image 31-10-2023 at 17.13

Filter options


Choose the format of the output report file:

  • .csv - a comma separated text file that can be opened using Excel or other applications
  • .json - a structured text file useful for exchanging data with other systems
  • .xlsx - an Excel file that is usually smaller than the csv option but can take longer to produce
  • .pdf - uneditable portable document most suited to printing

Choice of dates for report:

  • Since: start date
  • Until: end date 


Report columns

Service Category 

Category of session/class

etc: Group Exercise, Best sport ever, 

Service Title  Name of the service: TRX Core, Body Combat, Body Pump
Service Activity   
Trainer The trainer leading the session 
Location Location of the club
Sub-location Location of the service within the club
Available to book   
Start time  The start time of the service and class
Group size Size of the group within the class
Booked  How many booked onto the class
Full at   
Full in   
Availability  Spaces available
Clients on waiting list  
Class count   
Count logged on  How many people were counted in the class
Counted on  
Verified by  Trainer that verified the count
Verified on  
Livestream source  
Livestream url   
Livestream available before start   
Livestream available after start