This tutorial shows how Operators' PTMs should help Trainers become visible in Fisikal.


The final stage of the adding a team member on board is to make sure that their profile has the the Schedule will be published option = YES. To do this Users should do the following:
  • Go to TEAM and select the Trainers Name and then EDIT on their Profile
  • Scroll to the bottom of the EDIT form and see "Schedule will be published" option, select YES
Once this is done you should check how the Trainer shows in the Member app, Member web portal and associated Schedules.
You show now log into the member app as a Client and select the BOOK PT option, select the Location that you have added trainer(s) to and check that you can:
  • See the Trainers profile
  • The Trainer has a bio
  • The Trainer has a headshot
  • The trainer has a BUY button and it shows a list of Packages that Clients could purchase
  • When you select the BUY button on a specific Package, you see an option to PAY BY CASH or PAY BY CREDIT CARD

Do note that a Trainer is only visible under the following conditions:

  • The Trainer status is set to ACTIVE
  • The Trainer has a HOME CLUB associated to them
  • The Trainer is associated to a Service that related Service Category has been made visible to the specific Client you are logged in as
  • The Trainer has set their SCHEDULE WILL BE PUBLISHED option to YES